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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Responsibility vs. Reactibility

The physical body can either respond or react to external stimuli—a new medication, for example. If it responds, a previously irritating condition is likely soothed. The course of treatment is desirable. Conversely, having a reaction indicates an adverse encounter; something is rebelling against another. To react is a response of opposition; it is unfavorable.

The emotional body experiences similar phenomena. When we encounter the behavior of another, either we respond or we react. To respond is a result of careful consideration and focused intention. To respond is to act in a controlled and favorable manner. To react, on the other hand, is to be in opposition, like a rebellious child. This mode of being will likely exacerbate agitation and yield unfavorable results.

When I find myself responding to life’s situations, I know I am taking healthy responsibility for my adult self. When I find myself reacting, it is a signal that I need to change course because to be in a state of reactibility is an undesirable mode of being.

Be enlightened!  ~ M

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time for Change

We tend to behave habitually. That is often the best way, if it yields results we desire. But if I am taking the same actions while expecting different results, it is time for change.

How often do we expect a new outcome, and then resent the coming of the old, in response to a repeated action? Unless and until we step out of our comfort zones and act on what feels unfamiliar, we will remain caught in a groove that is not so groovy.

It is in willingly walking a different pathway and courageously confronting our fear of the unknown that we open ourselves to the discovery of new ways of being in the world. We can begin by practicing subtle variations in our mundane activities. The change can be as simple as washing our feet before our hair while in the shower, or taking side streets rather than the expressway on our drive home from work. Venturing out in these small ways will make it easier to approach the more challenging changes in life—like in our relationships with others.

Human interaction is one area of life whose time for change is overdue for many of us. If running away from intimacy in the past has brought pain, loneliness, isolation, and regret, then we will be mired in more of the same if we run again. If I desire connection and more love in my life, then when love presents itself, I must resist the temptation to push it away. I must challenge myself to accept it, embrace it, revel in it. I must act as a channel rather than a dam.

Isolation is a familiar routine for many of us, but it blocks love’s flow. This is not the place I long anymore to dwell. For me, it is time for change. Therefore, I must intentionally immerse myself in groups. Is it comfortable to be with five or six rather than one or two? No, not for me. But some days are easier than most, and I am confident that someday it will become quite natural for me to be unguarded in a crowd, to float freely in love’s stream.

Consider joining me in trying something different and unfamiliar. Consider making this a time for change. Our benevolent Universe will set in motion all the support we need.

Be enlightened!  ~ M