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Monday, October 31, 2011

Guided By Appointment

If I want to know what a particular professor or public speaker has to say, I mark my calendar with the time and date of the next seminar or speaking engagement. When I want to catch up with an old friend, we set a meeting time and place where we can attend to one another without distraction. If I have an ailment that needs medical attention, I set an appointment with my doctor. I have found this same method of tremendous help when I am in need of spiritual guidance.

We all have spirit guides, angels, to help us on our earthly sojourns. Rather than calling on them at random times, I feel a stronger connection when we have pre-set appointments. For the skeptical ones reading this, I dare you to try it! In a moment of indecision, you may say a quick last-minute prayer asking for guidance. I suggest, instead, that you set aside a particular day, time, and period for communing with your guides. Let them know when, where, and for how long you request to confer. State briefly what it is you need help with. Then, show up.

Let us suppose your scheduled time is Tuesday evening at 7:20 p.m. for one-half hour. By 7:15 p.m. on that day, be certain that all distracting activity has ceased. Get yourself into a meditative state. For some, listening to instrumental music and/or lighting candles may be helpful background. Get into a comfortable sitting position, and have a pen and paper in front of you. Tell your guides aloud, or quietly within, what assistance you are seeking. Why are you calling on them? Summarize your situation, and ask your questions. Then, listen and wait.

Depending on your unique style of psychic receptivity [we all have it!], you might hear a message, see a vision, or feel an intuitive leaning toward an answer. Write down what comes to you. Do not be discouraged if no clear answer comes immediately. Because you have initiated this contact and opened your channels, you will be lead, though perhaps not in the manner you may have expected. When your scheduled time is up, be certain to thank your angel guides for the meeting regardless of its outcome. After expressing your gratitude, set up the next appointment with your guides, letting them know the day and time you wish to meet with them again. Remain alert in the interim.                         

We can tune in and draw wisdom through our spirit guides at any time. I find that being guided by appointment is particularly helpful in getting me more focused. Perhaps you will too. For those desiring stronger contact, try inviting a friend and his/her guides to your meeting. Be sure you are both zeroing in on the same question or situation and compare notes afterwards. The more the mightier!

Be enlightened!  ~ M