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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Liquid Prayer

I stood on the covered balcony of my apartment to watch closely the rain. Gradually, drizzle gave way to torrent. I remained, still watchful. From overhead gutter, bowed with age, rainwater careened as a fall.

I thought of the paradox of liquid. Its molecules move freely, yet never separate. It reminded me of my relation to the Divine. I am free to move about my life as I choose, yet can never be separate from my God. I know this to be so; yet, faulty thinking sometimes leads me to feeling disconnected. This was one of those times. This was the reason I had stepped outside, barefoot, because nature has a way of reminding me of the truth. I needed that now.

I leaned over the railing and reached out both hands, palms up, to touch the wetness. From my heart flowed forth this prayer:

Open me at the top, oh Lord, like a funnel ready for the pour. Allow your Spirit to spill over my soul. Let heaven’s rain drench me. Quench the thirst of my parched being. Oh, how I have longed for your nourishment. Wash over my guilty mind like cascading falls tumble over rock, softening the rough edges over time. Cleanse me of my mistaken shame. Speak loudly to me of my innocence like roaring waves speak of the tide. Remind me that the living water and I are One, ever undivided.

I wiped my wet hands on the back pockets of my jeans as I stepped away from the railing. Within moments, the rain tapered to a drizzle again. I went inside knowing that my prayer was like liquid—offered freely from my heart, yet never separate from it.

Be enlightened!  ~ M

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vulnerability Bridge

Vulnerability is the bridge to intimacy, and it takes courage to cross it. As I stand on my side of the Pond of Pretense and you on yours, we can hear only faint reverberations of each other’s true voice across the divide. It is not until I consider stepping onto Vulnerability Bridge that you can begin to hear whispers of the authentic me.

My tidy appearance, my controlled temperament, my organized environment -- these are not the elements of self that serve to span the wide waters between us. I head toward intimacy with you when I begin to investigate and reveal my inner dimension. Am I willing to admit when I feel wounded by your words? Do I own my errors? Dare I utter the words, “I don’t know”? Can I ask, “Will you forgive me?” Will I directly request what I want and need from you? Do I uncover my past that I had hidden in shame? This emotional timber forms the planks on that bridge of vulnerability.

When I courageously expose my heart to you, I, by example, give you permission to do the same. We, both exposed, meet at that bridge and form an alliance of truth. Together, we traverse over the waters of pretentiousness and safely enter the land of intimacy. Now, we can hear each other over the superficial din. Talk to me here.

Be enlightened!  ~ M