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Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Timing

I was never a procrastinator. Until recently, that is. Lateness was so rare for me. Now, I find myself edging closer to deadlines than ever before.

I used to be the guest who arrived ten minutes prior to the time noted on the invitation, the student who handed in assignments the day before they were due, and the friend whose Hallmark greeting card showed up in the mailbox a week before the special day. That is no longer the case.

I still keep a daily ‘To Do’ list, still have a weekly ‘Papers to Tend’ pile, and I still keep important dates marked on a calendar. The difference is that I’ve bumped the daily to weekly, relegated the weekly to monthly, and the Hallmark greetings have become one-line emails sent on the day of the special event.

What happened? I wonder. Could it be that in middle age I have rearranged my priorities? Maybe I’m following the examples of others who seem to be able to get it all done, even if at the last minute. Perhaps I’ve gotten lazy. Am I starting tasks later than usual or just taking longer to complete them? I seem to get distracted easily these days.

Regardless of the reason, for now, this is me. And I don’t like it. I’m no longer early. But I’m not late either. “Just in the nicka” is my life’s new motif. It all gets done, but it’s uncomfortable. My timing seems off.

I observe the cyclicality of the natural world—spring following winter, moon waxing and waning, trees barren then blooming. Outdoor delights dance to the rhythm of Mother Nature’s heartbeat. Within my body, it’s the same—waking follows sleep, cells exfoliate and rejuvenate, open wounds close. When I view everyday occurrences in hindsight, there, too, I see harmony. My fretting about deadlines adds nothing but strife to the experience. It will be done when it is done, regardless.

For as long as we inhabit physical bodies on this earthly plane, there will be some necessity for watching clocks and tending to the linear construct of time. But this cannot be to the exclusion of recognizing the process of Divine Timing, the ordering of events in synchronistic conformity. For now, perhaps my lesson is in learning how to trust that.

I must take action, yes, but I also must release my attempt to control outcomes. In the bigger picture, the more important broader scheme, I am exactly where I need to be in any given moment whether the ‘To Do’ list is checked or not. My timing cannot be but perfect.

Be enlightened!  ~ M

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I believe in the effects of affirmations. I use them often. My focus and attitude shift dramatically when I affirm a truth higher than earthly appearance.

I get honest with myself about my intentions behind the affirmations before declaring them, knowing that they are powerful tools.

I most often begin with an “I am” statement, never an I need or an I want, which would indicate lack. Other positive openings I use are “I know,” “I have,” and “I love.”

I target my desired outcome, never what I would not choose to experience. I affirm in present tense as if it is already done because it is already done in the field of potentiality; I am only waiting for its earthly manifestation, or for my awareness of such.

I affirm the truth even when I am unable to believe it for the moment, especially then. Affirmations help to brighten the hue of my aura and increase the speed of my inner vibration, thereby heightening the frequency of my emanative energy. This makes me a magnet for positive experiences. Then, I come to believe.

I maintain simplicity in my affirmations so that they are clear and easy to remember.

Below are some of my favorites.

When I am feeling unworthy, I affirm my spiritual nature:
I am the essence of magnificence.
I am the embodiment of all that is awesome.
I am, and am worthy of, only good.

When I am feeling ill, I affirm the state my body was meant to be in:
I am healed, whole, and healthy.
I know my cells and organs are operating perfectly right now.
I know that optimum health is my birthright.

When I am feeling lonely or irritable, I affirm the truth I am overlooking:
I am loved, lovable, and loving.
I have me and I have God, forever.
I am surrounded by Light.

When I am feeling lack, I affirm abundance:
For today, I have enough.
I have all I need in this moment.
I have more money than I could ever spend.

When I am working toward a specific goal, I affirm that it has already come to pass:
I am so happy and grateful now that . . . .
Thank you, God, for . . . .
I have . . . and I can see it!

When I am feeling self-conscious, I affirm my ideal:
I am healthy, thin, and attractive.
I love and appreciate my beautiful body.
I am perfect the way I am.

When I am feeling frazzled, I affirm my peace:
I am peaceful and serene.
I am calm and confident.
I know that a divine plan is unfolding here.

When I am feeling afraid, I affirm my safety:
I am safe and secure.
I am protected.
I am held in the arms of God.

Why not make it a practice to recite affirmations daily. Chant them, write them, speak them aloud, whisper them in your head, meditate on them. Hey, why not share them? Jot down some of your favorites in the Comments section below.

Be enlightened!  ~ M