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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Begin Anew

I think it’s important to set goals. Yes, it’s wise to live in the present without over-attending the future, but without having some vision for the time ahead, we lack direction. I can go for a drive without having a specific destination in mind—and I like that spontaneity—but before I arrive at the next traffic light, I do need to decide if I will want to turn right or left so that I can maneuver my vehicle into the correct lane. So too in life. If I don’t give some amount of forethought to the direction I’d like to head, I aimlessly wander.

Many feel December an appropriate time to take stock, set a plan, and make vows for the coming year. I don’t necessarily believe in making New Year’s resolutions, in setting goals just because a page will turn on the calendar. I believe every new day, new moment actually, offers me the opportunity to set a fresh intention. Why wait until late December to start thinking about what alterations I might want to make in my life? I needn’t wait for an end in order to embark upon a new beginning. Having said that, I must tell you what came to me recently during a deep meditation.

It happened on December 21st, the evening of the winter solstice marking the end of autumn, which coincided with the end of a Mayan cycle, and the rare astronomical alignment of planets. I was prompted to set a specific intention for myself for the coming year. I hesitate to call it a New Year’s resolution, but the timing of it might make it such.

I was prompted toward a decision that 2013 will be my year to step into myself. It will be my year to fulfill my greatest potential. It will be my year of service to the world through my unique gifts and talents. It will be my year of living my life on purpose. It will be my year for coming out of the ebb and stepping into the Universe’s abundant flow. It will be my year of releasing patterned thoughts of unworthiness and turning away from behaviors that no longer serve my highest good. This is my sacred intention.

In my meditation, I was also prompted to plant a seed into the future. I planted the seed of “Expansion”—not only for me, but also for you and for generations to come. May we all expand in our awareness of the good in which we are immersed, despite appearances to the contrary. May we expand in our capacity to love ourselves as the precious creations we are, even in the midst of human frailty. May we expand in our appreciation for all that we have, even when we desire more. May we expand beyond tolerance into acceptance of those we see as different from ourselves in looks, beliefs, or lifestyles. May we expand the peace of our planet. This is my solemn prayer.

My meditation did not provide me a vision of exactly what all this looks like—as I mentioned above, I like spontaneity—but I do have an idea which way I’d like to turn at the next intersection. Because I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions, I am not waiting until January 1st to take the first steps toward all this. I resolve to begin anew immediately. How about you?

Be enlightened!  ~ M