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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My August

When July ended, I could not have known what my August would bring. To use an analogy, the flowers in the garden of my life had begun to wither. The soil of my soul was in need of intense cultivation. I had to dedicate my August to that task if there was to be hope of a future harvest.

Beautiful blooms were visible up to that point; I had become proficient at mowing the weeds. But I found that when we clear only at the surface what is undesired, the roots eventually strangle what is lovely. The weeds must be exposed and plucked from where they originate, deep down. A tilling of the ground is necessary before it is feasible to plant fresh seeds. And though rewarding, gardening can be an arduous and lengthy task. I cannot measure according to my own timetable the exact period required for sowing and reaping. Germination is a process.

My August was a time of reevaluation and personal reflection. With the world at bay, and outer static quieted, I found that I could listen more closely to the whispers within. I know not what the coming month has in store, but I do know that I will remain in this protective chrysalis stage while I surrender to transformation.

My dear readers, if you feel led to share a story about your August, please do so in the Comments section below. I may not be able to respond directly to each post, but know that heart-wise I am with you as we gently approach what could be splendor in September.

Be enlightened!  ~ M