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Friday, September 30, 2011


I have found that it is not the things that come most easily to me that hold the biggest rewards, but those things that challenge my perceived limits. It is in rising to a high call, surpassing what I ever thought I could possibly accomplish, that outstanding victory is known. If I want to achieve the ordinary, I do what is easy. But if I want to be illumined by the remarkable, I quest toward the light of my greatest possibility.

That great possibility is not usually clearly defined. Often, it emerges from a series of trials and errors, ventures and gains. Patience is a necessary component to its discovery. If I have a fervent desire in my heart, I nourish it by focusing on achieving it and by taking all steps I know toward it. If, over time, it is not readily coming to pass, that does not mean it is not supposed to be. It does not mean that it is not a right path for me. If my desire still burns, it means I am in a holding pattern. There is something more I need to learn before stepping into the new role. I will be led into situations that will present lessons necessary for me to master before I can take the next step toward the dream. I need to remain patient. Remain focused. Be aware. Watch for signs and heed them. Dream realization is an incremental process, like the blooming of a rose.

If I attempt to open a rose bud by force, the petals fall to the ground. I am left with a bare stem. If, however, I allow nature’s course to gradually unfold, I will eventually see the bloom. This teaches me: Don’t rush the rose. Allow divine timing to play out. While in its bud phase, the rose cannot see the splendor of its future blossom. It cannot know the role it will someday play in the beauty of a bouquet. It only knows to follow light.

I, like the bud, seem to be in a period of gestation. I patiently remain focused on the dream as I quest toward the light. I welcome the necessary lessons that are preparing me. Where am I headed, some are wondering. I tell them, I am bloom-bound.

Be enlightened!  ~ M